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Jewelry is prized as much for its beauty and craftsmanship as for the inherent value of its materials. Worn around the neck, amulets later gave way to pendants, and necklaces have been worn throughout history.
Natural elements such as shells were popular in the Paleolithic era. Mughal courtiers sometimes wore long necklaces that reached below the naval or necklaces with as many as a dozen strands of pearls. By the Renaissance, European women often wore three or more necklaces at once.
By the 16th century, jewelry began to follow fashion trends. Although its role as a sign of social status disappeared with the Industrial Revolution, jewelers still demonstrate great technical skill.
Today, necklaces appear in an infinity of styles, from the classic pearl choker or gold torsade to lavishly beaded necklaces. Heart necklaces and lockets are reminders of love while cross necklaces are an expression of faith. Novica designers display gemstones on silk ribbons, leather cords and palm fiber braids.
Novel materials like art glass, hand-painted cedar, and black clay from Oaxaca bring new life to fashion. Natural flowers, immortalized in resin, silver beads from Thailand's hill tribes, modern expressions of pre-Hispanic motifs... the list is endless. Novica has something for everyone.

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